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Pressing cider at Earth’s Harvest Farm


We had so many apples this year!  Some went into pies, and of course applesauce, but most of them went into cider.  We spent an entire day pressing apples!  Everyone had a job to do….I washed the apples, our two sons took turns working the apple chopper with Paul, and everyone took turns at the press.  Of course we all had our cups ready to sample the cider!  By the end of the day we had 23 gallons, most of which went into the freezer.  Some of the cider was saved out for making apple wine which will be turned into apple cider vinegar…a real treat to have ready in the pantry!

Apple Picking

Yesterday was apple picking day.  Everywhere you look the apple trees are full to the brim and dripping with apples.  We’ll have apple cider and applesauce all winter long!!

It was a warm, sunny afternoon.  A few of the apple trees are close to the bee hives, so I went over to check on the hives.  There were a few bees lazily flying about.  The sun was streaming through the leaves of the trees overhead making the scene look even more peaceful.

Harvesting Blue Corn for Porridge

Today we took some pictures of our heirloom blue flour corn, which we are getting ready to harvest. This is the corn that we use in our porridge blends. We harvest the corn by hand, husk it and then put it into the corn crib to dry. When the corn is dry it goes through the corn sheller to remove the corn from the cob, then we put it into storage containers in the porridge house (the building where we grind the porridge) ready to be mixed with other grains and then ground into porridge. The corn is a beautiful indigo blue color, and I love to save out a few cobs to hang in the kitchen as decoration.

picture of heirloom blue corn

An ear of blue corn

blue corn for porridge

Our corn crop