Our New Flour & Grain Shop

organic stone ground flour and grain
We are excited to introduce a new line of products to our website. Starting this month, we are offering stone ground flours and whole grains in addition to our selection of porridge blends. We have had many requests for stone ground flours and so over the past few months we have been making preparations for producing and selling our flours and whole grains. We now have our selection of flours and grains added to our website and are all set to go! You can have a look here.

Fresh stone ground flours can be hard to find. Whole wheat flour is certainly the most common but many other grains can also be ground into flour. We are currently producing flours from brown rice, barley and millet in addition to whole wheat. Each of these flours has unique nutritional properties and baking characteristics. Read more about them on our ingredients and grain shop pages.

We also have unground grain for sale.  You can find brown rice, barley, millet, wheat berries and oat groats (whole oat kernels).  There also are some real nice thick rolled oats for your oatmeal!

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