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Recently a friend told me about a smoothie recipe she came across that uses leftover cooked oatmeal as an ingredient. The oatmeal adds nutritional value to the smoothie as well as filling you up and keeping the hunger pangs away until lunchtime. An additional benefit is its a tasty way to eat cold porridge. With the summer months upon us I haven’t been keen on being in a hot kitchen. I’ve been cooking dinners on the grill and making salads for lunches, but I miss my porridge for breakfast. So I got out my blender and made a wonderful smoothie using leftover cold cooked porridge. Its a great way to have porridge in the summertime without having to cook in the morning! Now when I make porridge I cook up a large batch and keep the unused portion in the refrigerator, then I can measure out what I need for smoothies during the week. You can even cook the porridge in the crockpot overnight. For the smoothie I used 1/3 part cooked porridge, 1/3 part yogurt, 1/3 part juice (I used orange juice), and then I added the fruits I had handy…frozen melon, blueberries, and banana.

porridge smoothie with bag of Plain & Simple Porridge

A delicious and refreshing smoothie idea for the summer.