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What makes our porridge special

We started making porridge because we were pretty sure we could improve on some of the hot cereals out there. After testing a lot of recipes, we finally came up with what we think are some pretty special cereals. What makes them special?

A few things come to mind.

The ingredients:

Good ingredients are important in any food product. We don’t skimp. We take organic whole grains and mill them into the cereals we sell. While that seems like a pretty straightforward concept, other hot cereals are not always made that way. Large flour mills often include byproducts from grain milling as an inexpensive ingredient in a hot cereal. Also, some producers use grains imported from China and other countries because they are less expensive than domestically grown grains.

The milling process:

Our cereals are ground on a stone burr mill. Most of the cereal produced commercially is processed with high speed steel mills that produce heat that damages the grain. The type of milling used makes a difference in the appearance, nutrition, taste and texture of the cereal. Stone milling makes a superior hot cereal.

The porridge makers:

Earth’s Harvest Farm is a small family run farm. Small scale organic farming and milling is our livelihood. Our family is directly involved in the production of every bag of porridge we make. We make an artisan food product that isn’t easily copied on a large commercial scale. We think you will come to appreciate the difference when you take your first taste!
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